The Waffle Fest 2017

Hey Readers! You have heard about Momo Fest, Beer Fest, Maggi Fest but have you heard about a Fest dedicated to only Waffles??????? No??? Well, we have visited The Waffle Fest couple of weeks back, which was at Select City Walk, Saket. The event was mainly youth-oriented who loves to eat various types of waffles. Also┬áto those who have not […]

Moolchand Parantha

Paranthas are majorly famous for North Indian’s breakfast option, and when it comes to paranthas; Delhiites cannot miss even a chance. These are a stuffed type Indian flatbread, which mostly served with Aam ka Aachar and Pudhina chutney. One can find at least one famous parantha eateries at every corner of the city, Our team have been to some of […]