Best Places To Visit In Uttarakhand In 2019

Uttarakhand is Known as `Dev Bhoomi’- the land of the gods, cities of Uttarakhand takes one close to nature, history and spirituality. The state divided into two divisions- Garhwal & Kumaon. The peak season is the summer however travelers visit during the winter season to see snowfall in few regions. we present a selected list of best places in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand-Garhwal […]

Fish With Peppers And Aamchur

Mangoes which are still unripe and green are peeled, sliced and then dried in the sun. Then grind into a powder, known as Aamchur. The powder is rich in Vitamin C and cures digestion. This spice imparts a sour fruity note and works well in dry fish dishes such as this light stir-fry. Fish With Peppers Ingredients 2tsp ground coriander […]