Sri Lanka- Still an unexplored country

Endless beaches, timeless ruins, joyful people, a great number of elephants, surfing, cheap prices, fun trains, famous tea and delicious food make Sri Lanka irresistible. Unexplored Country One could say that Sri Lanka is unconscious. Passenger scores went overhead on their way to somewhere else, but years of uncertainty kept Sri Lanka away from many itineraries. Now, however, everything has […]

Prawn Kofta Curry

Prawn Kofta curry is one of the favourite food of Sindhi’s. A bit about Sindhis- They are initially from Sindh, now a part of Pakistan. On contemporary world maps, Sindh has Punjab to the north, the Indus River and Balochistan to the west, Gujarat and Rajasthan to the east and the Arabian Sea to the south. While Sindhis have borrowed […]