Yeti: The Himalayan Kitchen In Connaught Place

Yeti means a mysterious creature of Himalayan folklore. The word has had bloody interpretations for a long time, but this small modern restaurant in Delhi is ready to change the meaning and interpretation of the word forever while remaining true to its origin, which is the Himalayas. ‘Himalayan cuisine’, the name brings confusion to our minds: does it mean Nepalese […]

Manti|Mini Dumplings

Manti are such wonderful mini dumplings! They are great for parties and as appetizers. They are easy to make, even for your children who might want to help. This recipe uses wonton wrappers that are typically easy to find, and the dumplings are served with parsley and yoghurt. Ingredients- Manti 2 tsp. of garlic, chopped finely ΒΌ cup of oil, […]