Kolkata Street Style Vegetable Chop Recipe

Vegetable Chop is a popular street food in Calcutta. Beets, carrots, peanuts, and other vegetables are cooked and topped with breadcrumbs, then baked until golden brown and served with mustard sauce and onion and cucumber slices. Loaded with vegetables is an amazing snack for evening.  Ingredients- Vegetable Chop Carrot-One Piece  Potato-One piece  Beetroot-One Piece  Crushed Raw Peanuts-One Tablespoon  Grated Ginger- […]

Anda Ghotala Recipe

Anda Ghotala is known to have originated on the streets of Surat and gradually reached other cities. Although previously limited to the street food culture, Anda Ghotala has now increasingly become part of restaurant and cafe menus. Ingredients Boiled Eggs- Four Peeled Eggs- Four Butter+Toasting-Four Tablespoons Green Garlic(Chopped)-Two  Green Garlic Stalks(Chopped)-Five  Red Chili Powder-Half Tablespoon  Medium Sized Onion(chopped)-Two Pieces Medium […]