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4 cities you must explore when you visit England



Think of England and you think of London. The visuals of London are so omnipresent that you start equating it with the country. I love London. During the short time that I spent living in the country, London used to be my favourite weekend destination. I love it for its museums, for its central business district and I loved strolling past the Thames River. However, there are some charming English cities in the country that you must see – each has its character.

4 must explore England

  1. Birmingham: I spent the weekend in Birmingham exploring the Cadbury World Tour. Tourists can visit Cadbury World and get lost in the world of chocolates.
    Let me astound you with the variety that Birmingham has to offer: it is home to Europe’s largest jewellery business in a district appropriately named Jewelers Quarter. If you are a fashion or jewellery enthusiast, you cannot afford to miss the jewellery stores in this area. However, if you don’t enjoy shopping but enjoy the process of making it, Jewellery Quarter will not disappoint.

2. Manchester: It’s strange to say, but the sole reason for visiting Manchester is to see the Old Trafford Stadium and take the stadium tour. This tour is mandatory for all Manchester United fans. You will undoubtedly connect with Manchester United’s football history. Visiting this stadium was a dream come true. Not during a game, at any rate. An adult ticket to the stadium tour costs 22.50 GBP.

3. Oxford: Oxford is proud to be the home of Britain’s oldest university, dating back to the 12th century. Oxford is still primarily a university town. It does not have a designated area or buildings for the university.
For new-age travellers, this is where many of the Harry Potter films were filmed. You might want to explore the town through it if you’re a Potterhead. For example, you can go to the Hogwarts Library, which is actually the Bodleian Library or the Oxford University Research Library.

4. Cambridge: This location and the University require no introduction. One of the world’s best universities. We went there to see an Indian friend who is currently pursuing a doctorate in the field of education. King’s College Chapel is Cambridge’s most imposing visual. I recall taking a walking tour of Cambridge with a guide who described the city’s buildings as well as some famous alumni such as Isaac Newton and Bertrand Russel. He led us to a lawn where only graduates were permitted to walk. Consider walking past a garden that inspires you to graduate quickly enough to walk on it.

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