A pancake is a thin, round hot flat cake prepared with a mixture of flour, baking powder, eggs milk and butter.This is an ancient dish originated from Greece and Rome, but we don’t have any document to prove this debate. Pancakes favoured by every one and every country has their own Pancake recipes. but it’s much popular in United States of America and United Kingdom.

Eggless Banana Pancake Recipe

This banana pancake recipe is super quick and easy to make with healthy ingredients. You can feel good serving these healthy vegan banana pancakes to kids. And they are so tasty that everyone will enjoy them as a fun breakfast or snack. Follow the easy steps to make the best sweet and tender banana pancakes.

Pumkin Pancake

Pumpkin pancakes are soft, fluffy, and healthy. The recipe takes 30 minutes and can prepare with pumpkin puree. You will love these delicious pancakes for breakfast and you can even make them for a quick brunch.

Blueberry Pancake Recipe

This is just adding blueberries to the regular pancake batter. Perfect for kids and adults. I am sure the blueberry pancake would help all those who hate normal pancakes.

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Souffle Pancake Recipe

Souffle pancakes are all about eggs. The yolks and whites are separated and the whites are beaten to make the meringue. Something like you would make sweet or savoury souffle or chiffon cakes.

Dutch Baby

Despite its name, the Dutch baby pancake actually has German origins. This sweet dish made with eggs, flour, sugar, and milk and baked in the oven until puffed and golden.