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A short trip to Portsmouth and Southsea

Clarence Pier

If you want to go to a seaside town in England, Portsmouth and Southsea should be on your list. It is approximately 65 miles from Reading and would take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. We took the train because we don’t know how to drive and there was no point in renting a car. Hiring taxis would be prohibitively expensive. There were also two other options: bus and train.

The train is preferable because it will arrive faster than the bus. It took us about 3 hours to get there from the Reading station because we had to change trains twice. We spent around 30 GBP for the entire trip. The fare is after the railcard discount is applied.

Portsmouth is a port city in New Hampshire on the Piscataqua River. It’s a vibrant, coastal New England city with a colourful history and one of the country’s oldest working ports. It’s packed with one-of-a-kind, locally owned shops and restaurants.
Portsmouth is the city, and Southsea is about 3 kilometres away by foot from the Portsmouth and Southsea rail station. Walking is the best way to get to the beach. If you enjoy the architecture of various houses, this walk will not disappoint. Because of the antique British colonial houses, the walk is unquestionably Instagram-worthy.

The day we went was unlucky for us because it was windy. Sustaining the UK’s wind is difficult for Asians. The wind was blowing at about 22kmph. Consider how cold it was. Your hand would become frozen. We recommend that you check weather forecasts for any specific locations in the United Kingdom that you wish to visit.

Things to do: 

  1. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard- Tourists must visit this dockyard as the tour to this dockyard is very informative. One will get to see several ships which were functional 200 years ago such as HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, HMS M333, and HM Coastal Boat 4. 
  2. Clarience Pier- Remember the baby episode of Mr Bean. The title of that episode is “Mind the Baby”, The episode was shot at this location.
  3. Isle of Wight- The largest and quite famous island of England is also where many traveller visits. From the Southsea port, the island is 1 hour by ferry. The ferry costs vary from around 15 GBP to 25 GBP. 
  4. Need Street Food at the Merchant House- It is an award-winning place. Very popular for serving delicious Beef Burgers, Pork Belly, and Mac and Cheese. The presentation of all the dishes are Instagram Worthy. 
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