It’s been roughly two months for me to shift to Reading, United Kingdom. I’m here to study for my masters in Information Management and Digital Business from Henley Business School, a part of the University of Reading. . Nahhh! Not the Greenland campus mine is the Whiteknights campus!
So far, I’m enjoying my studies and the food and travel life in the United Kingdom.

So, coming to the point on one chilly Saturday, I decided to visit London to explore the Borough Market… So many people say it’s the heart of the world. I will support this statement partially because I have not traversed around the city so much… Ummm! Just five times, I think so!!!! Hahahaha!!!! I only love sitting in front of the River Thames and spending countless time.

On that day, I woke up around 6 in the morning… Yeah, I’m an early riser who cannot sleep so much… Umm, just 6-7 hours of sleep is fine! So, skipping the usual routine description, what did I do after waking up…

Moving towards the trip… Since I live in the University accommodation, it’s obvious I have some location advantage. In this case there any many bus stops which are close to the University and the University accommodation.
So I already had purchased a weekly bus pass which is around £ 12 after the student discount. Usually, it’s £16. So I boarded the bus(to be precise, the bus no is 21) from Christchurch Green and deboarded at the Reading Station.

I deboarded over here because I had a train to catch that will take me to London Paddington. From Reading Station to London Paddington and return the fare is £20(Must have a railcard it will reduce your travel expenses..) oh! It includes tube service in London and entry in busses.
This journey took 28 mins from Reading Station to reach London Paddington, and from there, I took the tube(tube here means Metro Rail/ Underground Train) to London Bridge station. That was the nearest station according to my research before visiting London Borough Market.

Bomba Paella
Mac and Cheese with Pulled Pork
London Borough Inside


And at last, I reached the historical London’s Borough Market after an hour which includes transfers.
This is basically one of the oldest and largest wholesale and retail markets in London. The present buildings over here were built around the 12th century. Once you are here, you will notice this market deals in special foods such as exotic raw cheese, traditional Spanish cuisine, Turkish dish and whatnot.

Now coming to the point of what I tried over here. My first plan was to look for a melted cheese store… My sister and I had a video call that day, and during the call, she told me to try out melted cheese which she ate around 7 years back. Yes!!! She only mentioned melted cheese… So by looking here and there… by asking the locals… I identified Kappacasein Dairy.
They specialise in toasted cheese sandwiches and Raclette(£7)… It was a unique(tasty, healthy) dish based on heating cheese and scraping off the melted part. Yes! My sister had this one only 7 years back…

Apart from this, I had mac and cheese with pulled pork from a different store. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the name…, and Baklava is from an eatery specialising in Turkish cuisine.
From here I went to London Eye, Westminister Bridge. That I’ll cover some other day!!! Till then take care stay healthy… Keep giving me ideas on how can I improve… You can reach out to my Insta Handle or Facebook Page!

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