The destination is not always important, but the journey is. Living in England has been fantastic, and London is the country’s most glamorous city.  We decided to go to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, as planned.
Because the Prime Meridian passes through it, it is a very important observatory.
As a result, it was crucial in the fields of astronomy and navigation. We took the London tube and got lost because we couldn’t find the actual underground tube line that would take visitors to this observatory.

Wagamama a must visit restaurant chain

Something similar happened to us that day. The majestic buildings in Canary Wharf first took our breath away. It is a living space. Many massive buildings of well-known global corporations and beautiful residential properties. If you ever decide to live in Canary Wharf, you will not be disappointed by its soaking atmosphere. Although the rental fee for these locations is very high.

Second, we were taken aback by the lovely atmosphere as soon as we arrived at the O2 tube station.
We saw a hanging restaurant for the first time in our lives. Isn’t it fantastic? It is only open during the summer. It’s possible that the wind is strongest during the winter, which is why it’s closed.
Breakfast, brunch, lunch, and sunset dinners typically cost between £70 and £100 GBP.

We were unable to visit the hanging restaurant because our trip was unplanned. As a result, we went to Wagamama, a British-owned restaurant chain specialising in Japanese cuisine. The O2 outlet was quite large. It has enough room for at least 50-60 customers. They also have outside seating available. We chose to sit outside because it was a beautiful day and we wanted to enjoy the scenery and the delicious food.

These are some of the dishes we ordered at Wagamama and definitely highly recommend: 

  1. Chicken and Pork Gyoza- The dumplings were really juicy and mouthwatering. it is served along with a dipping sauce. 
  2. Grilled Chicken Ramen- Marinated Chicken on top of noodles in a rich chicken broth. It’s neither to heavy nor too light. It would satisfy your stomach. The whole meal cost us around 30 GBP.