Anda Ghotala

Anda Ghotala is known to have originated on the streets of Surat and gradually reached other cities. Although previously limited to the street food culture, Anda Ghotala has now increasingly become part of restaurant and cafe menus.


  1. Boiled Eggs- Four
  2. Peeled Eggs- Four
  3. Butter+Toasting-Four Tablespoons
  4. Green Garlic(Chopped)-Two 
  5. Green Garlic Stalks(Chopped)-Five 
  6. Red Chili Powder-Half Tablespoon 
  7. Medium Sized Onion(chopped)-Two Pieces
  8. Medium Sized Tomato (chopped)-Two Pieces
  9. Turmeric Powder-half Teaspoon 
  10. Coriander Powder-One Tablespoon
  11. Pav Bhaji Masala-One Tablespoon 
  12. Fresh Coriander(Chopped)-Four
  13. Salt-As per Your Requirement 
  14. Pav -As Per Your Requirement

How To Prepare Anda Ghotala?

1. Heat four tbsps butter in a non-stick pan, add chopped green garlic sauté till golden brown. Add onion, cook for 2-3 minutes.
2. Add tomato, salt and cook till tomato is pulpy.
3. Add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, mix well, add pav bhaji masala, coriander powder continue to cook for 2-3 minutes.
4. Add ½ cup of water; mash the cooked mix using the back of a masher. Grate boiled eggs in the mixture, add little more water and cook for a minute.
5. Break eggs in the mixture and scramble them, add coriander, mix well and take the pan off the heat.
6. Heat butter in a non-stick tawa, place slit pavs and toast for a minute from both the side.
7. Place pav in a serving plate with chopped onion and tomato; transfer the dish  in a serving bowl.
8. Garnish with chopped coriander. Serve hot.

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