A smoothie is a thick and creamy beverage made from raw fruit, vegetables, and sometimes dairy products typically using a mixer. This one is Banana Oats Smoothie which is healthy because of lean protein from milk and yogurt, plus fiber from oats and banana.


  1. Control Cravings
  2. Makes You Feel Full 
  3. Prevents Dehyrdration 
  4. Source of Antioxidants 
  5. Enhance Immunity 
  6. Curbs Sleep Disorder
  7. Improves Skin 
  8. Fights Depression 
  9. Improves Bone Health 

Ingredients-Banana Oats Smoothie

  1. Banana- One-Fourth of a Banana
  2. Low Fat Free Milk-Half Cup 
  3. Low Fat Curd-Half Cup
  4. Honey-One Tablespoon
  5. Sugar-One Teaspoon
  6. Oats- One-Fourth Cup
  7. Powdered Cinnamon-One-Fourth Teaspoon

How to prepare Banana Oats Smoothie?

In a blender, combine oats, curd, banana, fat-free milk, honey, and cinnamon; puree until smooth. Refrigerate at least for half and hour and then serve!.

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