Enjoying a sip of coffee while eating delicious pancakes with a picturesque beach background is the definition of an ideal vacation. Fortunately, this is often possible in Goa. Although it’s the smallest state in India, Goa has many cafes that provide a superb gastronomic moment. Here’s our list of best cafes to eat in Goa.

Best Places To Eat In Goa

Cafe Tato

Offering Goa’s authentic coffees.This cafe  serves light snacks, from North and South India. Delight yourself with popular delicacies like dahi wada, masala dosa, potato sukhi bhaji, bhaji with puri and various smoothies and fruit juices.

Blue Planet cafe

Nestled among lush rice fields and dense wooded hills, Blue Planet Cafe is one among Goa’s best open cafes. Its wooden furniture on the balcony overlooks the valley. 

Winkery Cafe
Located within the courtyard of the Sunaparanta Art Center, Cafe Bodega is an unpretentious and artistic-looking café that serves freshly baked cakes, pancakes, wafers, sandwiches, fresh salads, pizzas and other comfortable and delicious foods. Fill it with a cup of Joe or fresh juice. Cafe Bodega features a quiet atmosphere and free Wi-Fi.

Goa Cafe
Nestled between a chestnut tower and a tree-lined Orchard villa, Café de Goa perfectly captures the relaxed and warm feeling of the capital of India. the heat of this atmosphere, the earthy colors and therefore the beautiful landscape photographs of Goa on the walls increase the heat of this coffee. It focuses on confectionery, fresh sandwiches and salads, also as various juices, tea and occasional . 

Saraya Cafe
If you wondering what peace is like, it’s like that. Saraya Cafe a picturesque area filled with fine arts and therefore the surrounding nature will inspire you. you’ll spend hours savoring a good sort of tasty homemade vegetarian dishes filled with international flavors. Especially good is wood pizza.

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