Located at the foot of the mighty Himalayas, Darjeeling is a magnificent mountainous city of West Bengal. This city, formerly a British paradise resort, tells stories about its past in many languages. Tibetan refugees who found a peaceful home and the city’s proximity to Nepal mixed their air with various cultures. Now you will find buildings of colonial architecture and prepared food in Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine. But Darjeeling accepted everything with love. And as a traveler, he will surely give it to you. Be sure to try all your favorite Darjeeling dishes and explore all the amazing places. Be sure to walk to Darjeeling Food Junction while there. Food prices in Darjeeling are nominal and almost everyone can afford them.

5 Food Dishes To Try Out In Darjeeling


Kwati is one of Darjeeling’s most popular foods. It is a traditional Gorkha meal that can be easily found in the city. Kwati is basically a mixed soup that is made by cooking 9 different kinds of sprouted beans. Some spices are also added to the soup to enhance its taste and create a thick liquid. This is a very tasty and nutritious vegetarian meal in Darjeeling. High in protein, this traditional Nepalese food is consumed more during the Gun Punhi festival. It’s the 10th full moon day in the Age of Nepal lunar calendar, called Gunl.

Aloo Achar
Aaloo Achar is a must among thali dishes in Darjeeling. The taste of Aaloo Achar will appeal to any traveler, no matter where they come from. This bowl is made of finely chopped boiled potatoes to capture the flavor of all the spices with which they are mixed. Onions, radishes, cucumbers support the flavor in the background. While the fine paste of local chili, mustard seeds, sesame seeds and fenugreek seeds occupies half the stage. Aaloo Achar is a spicy and spicy potato dish that you are used to endure.

Pork Curry
Pork curry is one of the most popular non vegetarian darjeeling dishes. This delicious meal with sauce is prepared in a variety of recipes including pork chili, phagshapa and grilled pork. But the basic way to cook this food is to cook pork in oil with various spices. Smoked pork is best served with steamed rice or local drinks.


Gundruk is one of the best meals in Darjeeling and popular food in Nepal. It is prepared from fermented green leafy vegetables such as mustard greens and spinach. It is also one of the most common dishes in the region, so travelers should explore the food on their tour of Darjeeling. Gundruk is rich in iron and other minerals.


It is undoubtedly one of the best foods in Darjeeling. Basically it is roasted meat with spices and aromatic herbs, which gives it a distinctive taste. The meat may be lamb, chicken, pork, lamb or veal. The production of Sekuwa is quite simple. First you have to mix the meat with natural herbs, spices and other necessary ingredients. Once done, you must roast the meat on fire. It is ready for delivery. You can eat with chutney or pair with roti.