Previously I have talked about my favourite walking trail in London, i.e. Westminister to Oxford Street via Trafalgar Square. This time I’ll tell you about one of my new findings. I mean, it’s new for me, but not for the world or at least people living in the United Kingdom.
Last time I wanted to visit one of the best places to have hot chocolate in London but I couldn’t due to lack of time.

This time I started my journey from Westminister Bridge to Trafalgar Square; somehow, I loved this part of London. As I exited from the Westminister tube station. I felt just incredible. Maybe that’s why people visit London because it rejuvenates your mind. But, my goodness, this time it was a different experience as tourists from around the globe were visiting. I loved that many Indians were there clicking photographs and taking selfies, and how can I forget to mention Instagram Reels.

Big Ben Tower in London

The walking trail continued further as I reached 10 Downing street; I saw many tourists waiting to catch a glimpse of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
I didn’t waste much time and continued my journey toward the hot chocolate eatery, but as I reached Trafalgar Square, I started feeling hungry, so I decided to purchase a chicken ham toastie from the store. It’s a sandwich shop; however, for me, it was challenging to select a particular quick bite as a maximum of their dish were cold dishes. Therefore, only a few hot dishes were available.

Quick Bite in London

While eating my toastie at Trafalgar Square, I noticed a Jurassic World promotion, and people queued up to experience a 3D experience of the Dinosaur. However, I was not that interested in participating in it because the only thing I wanted to experience was that hot chocolate.
The trail continued further; instead of turning left from the Haymarket, I turned right towards Soho Street via Leicester Square.
While walking, I noticed a store dedicated to Harry Potter merchandise and the store name is House of Spells and also noticed ISKCON London.

From ISKCON, it only took me around five minutes to reach Said Dal, which is to be one of the best eateries to serve hot chocolate not only in London but the entire globe.
But I noticed the eatery’s name, written as Italian Bear Chocolate, but Google location saying it’s Said Dal. So, I entered the cafe and asked the Staff Is this Said Dal? They said no due to the ownership issue. That is permanently closed. I felt strange, So I call it a “Mysterious Cafe”.
Whatever the name is, this is highly recommended. Miss this at your own risk, hahaha!!!

They have a wide range of items, but my main focus was on hot chocolate. Although I wanted to have Dark Hot Chocolate still asked one of the staff members, so they told me to go with Milk Chocolate, which is the most selling one.
For me, it’s challenging to express how it tasted. All I can write is “tears of joy”.