Best Pizza Restaurants in Mumbai

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Mumbai known for its cosmopolitan food joints. The city, always alive with people, heaven for all food. From street food to authentic cuisine, this city offers everything directly. Here are the best pizza restaurants in Mumbai.

List of Best Pizza Restaurants In Mumbai

Pizza Express
Pizza Express has many shops in Mumbai. the situation is sort of rich in price, but its authentic pizzas are worth a try. it’s relatively new compared to the town, but during a very short time, the restaurant features a lot of pizza fans.

Joey’s Pizza
Joey’s Pizza one among the city’s biggest “open” secrets. Serves tasty crunchy, raw, melt pizzas in Chicago. Joey has several stores within the city. Pizza is affordable here. it’s a necessary visit for all who are trying to find some seriously incredible budget tastes. they’re incredible goodies for vegetarians and are too generous with toppings.

One of the foremost popular street food connections within the city, Bachelor is additionally the amount one when it involves serving tasty vegetarian pizzas. It’s all about the atmosphere, the ocean breeze, the excitement of the ocean ride, and therefore the hustle and bustle of the many families parking and eating pizza, old fashioned style.

California Pizza Kitchen
California Pizza Kitchen is an elite pizzeria. The place is extremely affordable but is understood for its exotic flavours. there’s a pizza for virtually all types of desires and a very diverse sort of vegetarian pizzas, to not mention that the atmosphere at CPK is great and stylish. We recommend Chipotle Chicken and Pizza Albuquerque.

Pizza By The Bay
Pizza By The Bay is legendary for its picturesque location. The place is charming, nostalgic of the romance of Old Bombay. An average restaurant which offers but it offers a good sort of pizza that radiates the mind. Chicken pizza BBQ.

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