Chole bhature has an exciting blend of earthy Indian spices, well mixed with chickpeas cooked in a hearty mixture of tomatoes and onions. Together with inflated and stuffed bhaturas, chole bhature has gained its place and popularity all over the world.


Koko Restaurant & Cafe

This one year old outlet is easily visible as it is on the main road. It has one of the most varied menus in MKT, serving breakfast, coffee, Chinese and Tibetan food. Their cold coffee is very good and it is one of the few places where beer is served. If you are unsure of what you want to eat and still want the best of what MKT has to offer in one session, head to the Koko restaurant and cafe.

5 Places To Eat Chole Bhature In Delhi

Sita Ram Diwan Chand

Sita Ram in Paharganj makes an exceptionally tasty dish of chole bhature. The legendary site, which has been serving since 1950, sells a full plate of chole bhature, containing two bhaturas and a bowl of chole. The meal is served with a special sliced ​​potato aloo sabzi and an eclectic mix of spices. Its bhatur-filled boards are something foodies of Delhi don’t want to miss!

Chache Di Hatti

With bhature-stuffed aloo, onion ring, spicy chutney, and a finger-licking bowl of Chole, Chache Di Hatti excels at the place & one would like to return to when you’re very hungry. Located in the hustle and bustle of Delhi University on the North Campus. It is a place where you can get into your pocket and it will surely impress everyone.

Prem Di Hatti
This place commemorates the Amritsari dhabas for its popular chole bhature and chur naan. Prem Di Hatti is a paradise for anyone who wants a chin.

Nagpal Chole Bhature

From college visitors, car wool to big corporate wigs, this place is hugely popular with the masses. Ask Delhi food enthusiasts about their favorite places for cholla bhature and chances are good they will say, “Nagpal cholla bhature in Moolchand is a must.” But be prepared to fight the crowd for your plate of bhaturas because the place is often awash with people.

Om Corner

Another gem of Karol Bagh’s is Om Corner. They have a thick, creamy bhatura with a mix of urad dal and red peppers. 

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