Majnu ka Tila, also called Delhi’s “Little Tibet”, is one of the fastest-growing food destinations in the capital. With its narrow, winding streets, colourful Tibetan flags and the soft, melodious sound of Tibetan prayer bells, this place is not only a shopper’s paradise and a centre for young people playing video games and buying Tibetan baubles, but also one of the fastest. of great growth in Delhi. 

There are plenty of opportunities for enthusiasts, from small stalls selling Lhaphing, fermented bamboo shoots and dried fish, to restaurants offering Tibetan, Chinese, Korean, Nepalese and Japanese cuisine, and finally cute little cafes that serve drinks along with snacks and pastries…

5 Best Places To Eat In Majnu Ka Tila


Rigo is one of the oldest and most famous Tibetan restaurants in Majnu ka Tila. Whether food quality, variety, flavor or atmosphere, Rigo improves everything. Their Momos and Thukpas are a must.

Tee Dee

Though a small place, Tee Dee serves authentic Chinese and Tibetan food and has a pleasant atmosphere. The highlight is breakfast, to order a variety of pancakes, Tibetan bread and porridge. Pork dishes are also popular. Other dishes to try include Shabalay and Thentuk!

Yamuna Cafe

Yamuna Cafe is located where you can see the Yamuna river (ergo, name). Here you can expect a good affordable breakfast where you can order pancakes for INR 60. You can order porridge, fruit salads and the usual scrambled eggs.

AMA Cafe

Café AMA is one of the best places to eat in Majnu Ka Tila. It is beautifully decorated with huge wallpapers, striking pictures, Tibetan crafts and curiosities. The café also has a bookshelf containing travel books and photos, and the atmosphere is relaxed and calm.They also serve cheap coffee, which is good news for all foodies, and is therefore popular among youth. Their smoothies, cakes, smoothies and pastries are absolute pleasure and their chocolate cake and apple pie is a must!

Koko Restaurant & Cafe

This one year old outlet is easily visible as it is on the main road. It has one of the most varied menus in MKT, serving breakfast, coffee, Chinese and Tibetan food. Their cold coffee is very good and it is one of the few places where beer is served. If you are unsure of what you want to eat and still want the best of what MKT has to offer in one session, head to the Koko restaurant and cafe.

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