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Japanese special sushi has become a special place in the pallets of Delhi. Revelation was a shock and pleasure to the chefs who brought new food cultures to the capital. An ideal situation for tourists looking for a craft delicacy fish, here is a list of best places to eat sushi in Delhi.

Places To Eat Sushi In Delhi

Yum Yum Cha

This compact sushi restaurant in Delhi is located in the popular Select Citywalk Shopping Center in Saket area. Fine pieces of freshly rolled perfection serving here are balanced and full of flavor. This sushi station is an extension of the chain of restaurants and is one of the best stops to try Sushi in Delhi. 

Wasabi by Morimoto

Wasabi by Morimoto, a modern sushi restaurant in Delhi, exhibits art in modern creations. The dazzling environment offers delicacies of Japanese cuisine with some of the best sushi you will find in the capital.

The Fatty Bao 

A dream of sushi lovers in Delhi, this restaurant is the perfect combination of atmosphere, food and authentic flavors. It serves many Asian delicacies, but the choice of sushi in Fatty Bao is amazing and full of authentic Japanese specialties.


This expensive Japanese restaurant in Delhi, a bright place with an elegant atmosphere, lets you taste a craft delicacy with subtle notes of authenticity. An ideal place for people with a developed sushi palette, Megu is an excellent dining experience.


This sushi stop carries amazing sushi boxes. Their roles maki and nigiri are amazing and affordable. The station is perfect for you to enjoy in a private place or in the sun, away from the mall. However, This is also  one of the best places to eat Sushi in Delhi


This vibrant sushi restaurant is renowned for its authentic décor and taste. One of the best places to eat sushi in Delhi, this restaurant brings a bit of Japanese culture to your life and dining experience. Guppy is an extremely fresh product and wonderful flavors is a must for sushi lovers in the capital.

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