Alwar is one of the oldest places in Rajasthan, A proud medieval Rajput capital, Alwar is dotted with heritage buildings. With a wide range of magnificent forts, lakes, nature reserves like Sariska Tiger Reserve and heritage havelis, Alwar has always been an extremely popular destination amongst tourists,
Here is our list of best places to visit in Alwar.

5 Best Places To Visit In Alwar


Alwar City Palace

Impressive large doors, elaborate towers and scrupulous executed wall paintings and mirrored works on ceilings make this 18th-century palace a fantastic sight. The palace referred to as Vinay Vilas Mahal and has a blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture. Though the ground floor of the palace presently houses several Government offices, the rest  of the floors of the palace can be visited by tourists.Well known for its heritage and archaeology, the City palace houses a museum, which contains a collection of royal memorabilia.. The colossal palace which is a viewer’s treat with it’s lovely murals and mirror work, is also famous for its central courtyard that has a marble designed lotus tower. The attractions of the City Palace Rajasthan  also includes an artificial lake which was built by by Maharaja Vinay Singh in 1815.There are also a number of temples on the banks of the lake .Inside the palace  is a chhatri (cenotaph) that has a Bengali styled roof and arches. 

Bala Quila

Bala Quila Fort or Alwar Fort as it is more commonly known stands atop a steep hill in the Aravalli region. Built-in the fifteenth century by Hasan Khan Mewati, it had witnessed the rule of various dynasties including the Rajputs, Mughals and the Jats The literal meaning of “Bala Quila” is Young Fortress. The entrances to the fort are Kishan Pol, Andheri Gate, Laxman Pol, Suraj Pol and Chand Pol. Apart from its rich historical past, this place also provides an amazing view of the city of Alwar.

Sariska National Park

The National Park is one of the best places to visit in Alwar. It is also referred to as The Sariska Tiger Reserve. Situated in the Aravalli hills &  covering 800 sq km area, the reserve is divided into grasslands, dry deciduous forests, cliffs and rocky landscape. The reserve apart from being the home to tigers, also houses animals like the chital, sambhar, rhesus macaque, jungle cats, wild boar amongst others. It is also home to a large species of beautiful birds.

The Tiger Reserve also houses historical and archaeological sites like Pandupol, Garh Rajor and Neelkanth Mahadev Temple.

Siliserh Lake

Spread around 7 sq km, Siliserh Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Aravalli hills of Rajasthan. and is a wonderful tourist attraction filled it is an artificial lake and was built in 1845 by Maharaja Vinay Singh. Right next to the lake is a Palace that he got built for his wife  The palace which has now been converted into a Govt run hotel, is a very popular destination for tourists. Boat ride on this huge lake if one of the best things a tourist can do or merely sit and enjoy scenic beauty of Aravalli Hills in the backdrop of the lake. This place is also perfect for a picnic


Moosi Maharani Ki Chattri

One of the best examples of royal Rajasthani architecture is Moosi Maharani Ki Chattri (cenotaph of Queen Moosi) The first storey is made in sandstone while the upper storey and chhatris (cenotaphs) are made in white marble. It’s carved pavilion has domed arches with exquisite floral tracery and patterns…

Built-in the year 1815 by Maharaja Vinay Singh, this double-storeyed cenotaph was constructed in the memory of his father Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh and Maharani Moosi, who committed Sati after the death of the king. This elegant monument is shaped like a flower and has been built with a blend of brown sandstone and white marble. The first storey is made in sandstone while the upper storey and chhatris (cenotaphs) are made in white marble. The carved pavilion has domed arches with exquisite floral tracery and intricate designs.

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