As Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne is filled with attractions that attract visitors throughout the year and include art, sports, nightlife and wildlife. Melbourne may be a culturally rich city filled with life all the time. With museums, galleries, live shows, perfect coffee, views of the parks and what not. Here is our list of best places to visit in Melbourne.

Places To Visit In Melbourne

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo, the oldest zoo in Australia, is home to over 320 different species of native and exotic animals. additionally to exhibitions and tours throughout the year, special events like Christmas parties and theater performances also are held. Unacceptable habitats are beautiful elephant trails and therefore the house of butterflies.

Eureka Skydeck

Eureka Tower, the tallest buildings in Melbourne, offers a singular view of the whole city from the 88th floor and a 38-second lift leads visitors to Eureka Skydeck. For those that dare, the “The Edge” glass cube is three meters (10 feet) suspended 300 meters (984 feet) above the bottom , allowing excitement seekers to fly round the city. Book online to avoid disappointment.

Melbourne Cricket Ground 

Since 1853 Melbourne’s Cricket Ground (MCG) has hosted the city’s beloved AFL games, cricket and major music events. MCG, the most important sports facility within the hemisphere , also offers dining options and houses the National Sports Museum, which explores the history of the place, its most memorable characters and events. Guided tours depart daily and take 75 minutes. The cricket ground is one of the best places to visit in Melbourne.

Melbourne Museum

Located within the peaceful and well-tended Carlton Gardens, Melbourne Museum is that the largest museum within the hemisphere . It organizes seasonal exhibitions and exhibits throughout the year and offers visitors the chance to find out about dinosaurs, see indigenous artifacts at the indigenous Bunjilaka Cultural Center, understand the origins of Melbourne and  there’s also the IMAX Melbourne cinema within the museum.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

This magnificent Anglican Gothic cathedral is found at the location of the primary Christian ministry in Melbourne in 1836. it’s impossible to urge lost, rising from the road level ahead of the most entrance to Flinders Street Station. Designed by William Butterfield’s Gothic Renaissance within the 19th century, the church has since opened its doors to practitioners of varied religions and everyday services. there’s also a restaurant .

Cook’s Cottage 

In the northern interior of Melbourne, a brief tram or walking distance from the Central downtown (CBD), Cooks’ Cottage is among Australia’s oldest buildings. Originally owned by the oldsters of Captain Cook , the cabin was inbuilt the last half of the 18th century then transported from England to Australia in 1934 and a brick brick up Melbourne in 1934. 

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