Biryani is an evergreen classic that you can enjoy at any time of the year. It is aromatic, celestial and one of the most popular delicacies not only in India but around the world. According to legend, the Mughals were the first to bring biryani in northern India, while southern India was exposed to its brilliance over the Arabs. Biryani itself is a complete meal, suitable for all occasions; whether it is a hearty meal on a lazy Sunday afternoon or a great, wonderful delight at the dining table – there are plenty of restaurants in Delhi where you can taste some amazing biryani varieties. This time we were at Biryani Badshah – an informal Hyderabad-style restaurant with an elegant atmosphere, serving authentic biryani Hyderabadi in the city.

Combining Arabic, Turkish and Mughlai flavours with the explosion of Andhra and Marathwada spices, Hyderabadi food is always associated with royalty. And it is right that they gathered to satisfy the rich palaces of the Nizams of Hyderabad. Biryani Badshah has taken the preparation of the delicate Hyderabadi biryani and serves it along with a leisurely casual restaurant.

With expert cooks from the land of biryanis and korma, Biryani Badshah offers real tastes of excellent regional biryanis from all over the country. And not just biryani, the restaurant offers a range of other traditional Nizami dishes – from Andhra Chicken Fry, Chicken 65 and Paneer 65 to Mutton Seekh Kabab (for starters) and Dalcha, Salan and Kormas (for the network).

We started with Chicken 65 and Badshah Special Prawns. Fire Chicken 65 at Biryani Badshah was a boneless chicken pleasure that matched his reputation of being hot but irresistible, while Badshah’s special shrimps were juicy and juicy with a garlic twist and a strong spice. We also tasted Andhra Fish Fry, which let us delight in its juicy flavours and spicy toppings. In the network, we sampled Handi Chicken Biryani, Andhra Dal Fry and Lachha Paratha. The Biryani had long-grain rice cooked with well-prepared pieces of chicken in delicate flavours, served with walnut salad and raita. Masala biryani was also very tasty and had a perfect balance between too hot and spicy and too fine. In short, Handi Chicken Biryani at Biryani Badshah was happy to participate and we are sure that it will impress everyone who tries it. Put along with lachha paratha was itself a pleasure. Those who prefer light but hearty food can go for this ever-green combo.