Carbonara spaghetti is a dish from Italy, prepared with cheese, egg, different variants of meat. Normally in India bacon is used for the meat component. This dish was first documented in the year 1830.There are a lot of theories attached to this recipe about its origin. You might check this link to get an overview of carbonara spaghetti origin.

Ingredients Required For Carbonara

  1. Water- 3 Litre 
  2. Rock Salt- Half Teaspoon 
  3. Spaghetti-300 Grams 
  4. Bacon- 200 Grams 
  5. Cheese- 6 Tablespoon 
  6. Egg Yolks- 3 
  7. Pepper- As per requirement

How To Make Carbonara Spaghetti

  1. Boil the water for your pasta in a large pot. Once it boils, add half tablespoon rock salt.
  2. Cook pasta according to the packet instructions but allow one minute less cooking time allow you to cook it more in the pan.
  3. Slice the bacon into small strips so that there is fat at the top and bottom with the meat in the middle.
  4. Put the large fry pan on the stove at a low to medium heat. For the  carbonara spaghetti recipe to be just right, add bacon strips into the pan and cook very slowly and it will create its own delicious oil.
  5. Let the bacon strips simmer and crisp up on the outside while staying softer in the middle.
  6. Get 2 small mixing bowls and separate the yolk from the egg white. Leave the bowl with the egg white to the side and add 6 tablespoons of cheese, my favourite ingredient for the carbonara spaghetti .
  7. Mix the egg yolk and cheese really well using a spatula until you get a thick paste.
  8. Once the pasta is ready, collect cup full of pasta water – at this point it is full of starch!
  9. Strain the pasta and put it in the pan with the bacon strips on a low heat and quickly add half of the cup full of pasta water and keep stirring it through well using tongs. The water will start to evaporate.
  10. Once there is little to no water left, add another small amount of pasta water and turn the heat off.
  11. Add the egg cream and mix it through really well until you get a creamy consistency.
  12. Add a very generous amount of freshly ground pepper and mix the modern spaghetti carbonara once again before you serve.