Mango Cheese Chooza

About Mango Cheese Chooza A perfect feast for a dinner party! Mango Cheese Chooza is a delicious chicken recipe. Ingredients Chicken Breast-10 Clear Chicken Stock- 1LClarified Butter- 100 gm Onion Paste – 15gm Garlic Paste- 15 gmYogurt- 100 gmMango Puree- 50 gm Green Chili Chopped- 10gm Coriander Powder- 5 gm Fenugreek (Kasturi Methi)- 5 gmSalt to taste Green Cardamom powder-3gmKewra Water- 1 to 2 drops Almonds – 100 […]

Coriander Chicken With Mushroom

Recipe- Coriander Chicken with Mushroom along with Roasted Veggies 1. In a mixer blend, a big bunch of coriander leaves with five garlic cloves and two to three green chillies. 2. Heat oil in a pan and when hot add two fresh bay leaves and finely chopped two medium onions. 3. When the onions are translucent add the chicken and […]