Chilli Chicken Calcutta Style

Ingredients Boneless chicken cubes. Onion(Cut into Chunks)- One Piece Capsicum(Cut into Chunks)- One Piece Chopped Garlic-One Tablespoon Chopped Green Chillies- Three to Four  Soy Sauce- Four Tablespoons White Vinegar- Two Tablespoons 2 Tablespoons of ketchup. 2 Tablespoons of chilli sauce. Red Chili Powder- Two Teaspoons Black Pepper Powder- Two Teaspoons Fresh ginger, garlic and green chilli paste-One Tablespoons Egg-One Piece […]

Murg Badami Recipe

Murg Badami is an authentic Punjabi recipe. As  the name suggests is a rich chicken curry made along with almonds. This goes best with Tandoori Roti or hot steamed rice.  Ingredients- Murg Badami Fresh Chicken(Curry Cut) – One Kilogram  Curd- Two Cups  Turmeric- One  Tablespoon  Red Chili Powder- One  Tablespoon  Salt- As per your requirement  Ginger Garlic Paste- One  Tablespoon  […]