Tandoori Paneer Tikka is one of the popular and scrumptious tandoori appetizers.

It’s made up of paneer(cottage cheese), yoghurt and many more!!! Ideally, it can be cooked in a tandoor. However, I don’t have one so I baked it and the taste was exact.

Ingredients- Tandoori Paneer Tikka

  1. Paneer(Cottage Cheese)
  2. Capsicum
  3. Black Pepperu00a0
  4. Ginger Garlic Pasteu00a0
  5. Red Chilliu00a0
  6. Tandoori Masalau00a0
  7. Yoghurtu00a0
  8. Oil
  9. Salt
  10. Kasturi Methiu00a0
  11. Onion

Method of Tandoori Paneer Tikka

  1. Cut the raw paneer into bit size pieces. Make sure to defrost a u00a0bit before cutting.u00a0
  2. Cut the capsicum as per your needs.u00a0
  3. In a bowl, add yoghurt, red chilli, salt, kastrui methi, black pepper, tandoori masala, oil and ginger garlic paste.u00a0
  4. Mix it well!!!!
  5. Now, add paneer, onion and capsicum and marinate it.u00a0
  6. Once, you are ready to make brush the skewers and arrange the paneer, capsicum and onion in the skewers as shown in the picture!! (Don’t forget to brush them too)
  7. Bake them for 25-30 mins at 220 degrees celsius in an oven.
  8. Take out, and serve them with any dip of your choice.