List of 5 best attractive tourist spots in Edinburgh

How can you not visit Scotland if you enjoy history and beautiful architecture? The United Kingdom’s most beautiful country. During the summer, we visited Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital. The best time to visit Scotland is in the summer. We took the National Express bus from Reading. We drove from Reading to Edinburgh for about 11 hours. […]


4 cities you must explore when you visit England

Think of England and you think of London. The visuals of London are so omnipresent that you start equating it with the country. I love London. During the short time that I spent living in the country, London used to be my favourite weekend destination. I love it for its museums, for its central business […]

O2 London

An unplanned trip to O2 London

The destination is not always important, but the journey is. Living in England has been fantastic, and London is the country’s most glamorous city.  We decided to go to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, as planned. Because the Prime Meridian passes through it, it is a very important observatory. As a result, it was crucial […]

Clarence Pier

A short trip to Portsmouth and Southsea

If you want to go to a seaside town in England, Portsmouth and Southsea should be on your list. It is approximately 65 miles from Reading and would take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. We took the train because we don’t know how to drive and there was no point in renting a car. […]


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