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The Irish House Nehru Place

The Irish House Nehru Place

There, the newly presented menu gives us another excuse to incite the popular resto bar The Irish House  with our gang. What is exciting about the revised menu you are requesting? The fact that you can finally pamper yourself and not even feel guilty.

Among the many restaurants and bars provided by the multitude of capital, there are several that will eventually become our favourite places to relax and enjoy. If you are with a large group of friends, especially you want to be sure of the food beforehand. The Irish House, with its wide selection of cocktails, shared dishes and crowds, is angry with Delhi for many reasons.

There, the newly presented menu gives us another excuse for a popular pub with our gang. What is exciting about the revised menu you are requesting? The fact that you can finally pamper yourself and you won’t even feel so guilty. The “All Good Inside” menu expanded the possibilities of grilled and baked dishes with clean foods, dietary foods and a cocktail for keto/vegan/paleo lovers.

For example, Pita Pan, baked pita chips with special sauces or a Mediterranean market that includes a large portion of several Mediterranean sauces, bread, salads. If you are not kicked especially for healthy products; Do not worry, there are many fatty and good options where you can also enjoy it.

Menu @ The Irish House Nehru Place

Their sticky bacon jammers were our best finds Chicken sausages stuffed with bacon-wrapped mini cheese, handmade candied jalapeño and grilled sauce. You will surely meet all your tastes of meat and cheese. If you are not a fan of burning preparations, you can go for their chimichurri chicken. Grilled chicken handball in chimichurri glaze slightly softer and tastier.

 This chicken appetizer, served with a low sauce, will surely warm your soul. Vegetarians have to try their pizza tacos. Is it pizza Is it a taco? What happens if we tell you that the goodness of both will collapse? Baked tacos with tomato sauce, peppers, zucchini, buffalo mozzarella and basil pesto. 

These tacos promise an explosion of flavours and colours that scream comfort. Another interesting meal we found on the menu was the southern chicken waffles. While we loved both the chicken and the waffle structure, they failed to impress together. It felt a little dry, some juicy sauce that was serving next helped a little, but we would like all the food to be a little more eclectic.

To feed, we ordered a chicken without caesar. The Irish house has a classic Caesar salad, this massive portion is full of fresh Roman salad, chicken with chilli, corn, pepper and what not! We also tested their fishing catches. Grilled and roasted Nile fish served with cabbage and cilantro sauce ensures a healthy dinner.

The expansive drinks offerings can be overwhelming for several people and are intelligently divided into house specials, Gin Corner, community cocktails, shooters, classic and abstemious specials. Dark Monk, Crackle, Scarlet Head, Fizzy Stalker, Mega Mules, 1 litre Mule Mug) can), Celebration Tray is one of the most popular ghosts of the Irish house in Nehru Place. Have you tried them yet?

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