Black industrial lights along the grey panels at the entrance to Danbro’s indicated what was to come. Monochrome paintings, rustic brown chairs, grey marble tables, and old mosaic tiles teleported us to an occasional roadside cafe in Europe, where anyone and everyone gathered to drink at any time of the day, unwind and relax in conversations. Keeping the human connection alive over endless cups of coffee and savouries.

We were in the new Italian boulevard and pastry shop in Kailash Colony. The menu comes in a newspaper format called Danbrotimes, which is a return to the culture of yore cafes. But we weren’t familiar, we decided to go for the chef’s `speciality. First, we were served with soup of the day, which is different for each day. You think you know enough about mushroom soup, but this one had a fine texture with black pepper blending perfectly with fresh mushrooms and butter. In a word, healthy. Served with grilled Ciabatta, which complements the tastes, and we set off for a good start.

Next we ordered the Croquettes Potato. Filled with cheddar cheese and jalapenos, it was creamy but crispy. The softcore was centred to balance the heat of the spices. An unusual addition was the fresh herb Chimi Churi sauce, a chef’s speciality by Brajesh Ghansiyal. He said, “This sauce is required mainly because of its simple but strong aroma. There are no ingredients except herbs. “In fact, we dug the other trenches and this combination makes bites a bit lazy on weekends.

In addition, Danbro offers popular hits, such as the Hot Lava Cake with Polo Mint Ice Cream, Chocolate Mousse with Caramelized Banana and Cream Baileys and Choco Loco, Vanilla Coated Bourbon Chocolate Cookies. They were complicated, but the tastes were so rounded that they left a trace on your tastings, especially when they come from a bakery that originated in Milan.

Whether you want to brew your coffee, have a big Italian  breakfast, simply have a nice winter afternoon or want a quick tea with colleagues, this is the place for you.

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