The houseboat cruise at backwaters of Kerala is one of the most serene, beautiful and peaceful things and this is a lifetime experience which no one can miss.

The Kerala backwaters is a system of canals stretching across Kerala incorporating small rivers, lakes and lagoons, which lined by thousands of palm trees, paddy fields and colourful houses. The backwaters are the primary form of transport in this region for daily trade mainly spices. Houseboats carry spices towards the ports of Kochin and nearby areas on the Arabian Sea.

We had booked well in advance for an overnight stay at the houseboat and boarded at Alleppey Jetty Point. It is a gateway to the backwaters as it is a favourite place amongst tourist for renting a houseboat and there are many operators to chose.
The houseboat crew(sailor and cook) were warm, friendly and welcomed us with Nariyal Paani (Coconut Water) as a refreshment drink.

Ours was a one-room houseboat with an attached washroom. It had a kitchen and a nice dining area. The houseboat was equipped with a television, mobile charging points and magazines.
The sailor gave us two route options –the lake ride or cruise thru the canal. We chose the canal route since we were keen to see the village life.


After a few hours, Our boat was anchored in one of the corners of the canal and we were served a splendid meal consisting of steamed rice, hot chapattis, karimeen fish fry, bhindi masala and salad.

At 4, we got down near one of the shops selling raw seafood. We got back to the boat and handed over a giant lobster and crab to the cook.At 5.00 pm(no rides allowed after 5.00 pm) the boat was parked near the Sailor’s house, and he arranged a cable connection to the television. Dinner was served around 9 pm and the food was really
In the morning at 8.30am, we had freshly made Idli and Sambar for breakfast served with two types of coconut chutney. While having breakfast the sailor even took us for a ride in the lake. He also was a guide of sorts … even identifying various species of beautiful birds that we indulge in various activities. Our Journey finally ended at 11am.


One can choose a one/two/ three bedroom houseboat depending on the number of people. The price ranges from Rs.6000- 15000 for a night’s stay. Fixed Menu meals (Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast) are included in this.