Kolkata Food Guide:Must Try Food

Kolkata, the “City of Joy,” is dotted with a variety of food that excites a plethora of taste buds. Some of which are authentic and few adapted to the preferences of the localites.

Must Try Food in Kolkata

We present a list of few eateries that make it to the “Must eat food in Kolkata”.In our earlier post, we have already written about Paramount Sherbets.

English Breakfast at Flurys
Starting the list with Flurys.Located in Park Street area.Founded by Mr. & Mrs Flury during the British Rule in India(Year-1927). This eatery is famous for its sumptuous breakfast.
The “English Breakfast(Rs.650)” has Two Crispy Bacon, Chicken Sausages, Poached Eggs, Hashbrowns, Chicken Hams, Slices of Bread, mushrooms, a small bowl of baked beans and a grilled tomato.
Watermelon Juice(Rs.280) is an addition to the list.This English breakfast is a must try and a complete “Brunch package.

Flurys English Breakfast
The lavish English Breakfast at Flurys

Kolkata Kathi Roll at Kusum Rolls
This too is located in Park Street area and is one of the “Best in Town“.Kathi Rolls are parantha(flatbread) which are made on a huge tawa, filled with a stuffing of choice(chicken, fish, mutton etc.), wrapped in foil/paper. The range of offerings is quite vast, and the cost is extremely pocket-friendly.The suggested ones- are Prawn Roll(Rs.150), Liver Roll(Rs.50), Mutton Kathi Roll(Rs.80).

Kathi Roll at Kusum Rolls
Simply amazing roll at Kusum Rools

Kabiraji Cutlet at Coffee House
This famous Coffee House has been a favourite place for intellectuals and scholars.Located in College Street opposite Presidency College, this is a perfect place to hang out.
Though a wide range of pocket-friendly food is available, however, one of the most sought-after has been the “Kabiraji Cutlet“.
Kabiraji Cutlet is also known as coverage cutlet is a small fragment of bread fried, filled with minced chicken, mutton, or fish. The cutlet is first fried and subsequently and covered in an egg nest.

Chicken Kabiraji at Coffee House
We tried the Chicken Kabiraji. Price Rs.60

Mutton Biryani at Arsalan
For information related to the history of Biryani one can visit our previous post-Biryani Trail In India.
There are more than five Arsalan outlets spread across the city.
One could try “Special Mutton Biryani(Rs.330)” which has two pieces of mutton(with bone) accompanied with a boiled egg and a potato.Arsalan is well known for its consistent quality and quantity.

Special Mutton Biryani at Arsalan
One of the best in Kolkata
Rosogolla at Nabin Chandra Das 
Established in the year 1866, the discovery of “Sponge Rosogolla‘ goes back close to nearly 150 years. There is a very interesting story behind the ‘discovery‘  of this Rasogolla… It got prepared accidentally when one of the cottage cheese doughs which were being made for sweets fell into the cauldron in which syrup was being boiled. On taking out it took the shape of the now famous ” Sponge Rosogolla
Variants of Sandesh at Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandy
 The duo of father-in-law(Girish Ch. Dey) and son-in-law(Nakur Ch.Nandy) started this shop nearly 150 years back.Tried’n’ Tasted Chocolate and Kiwi Sandesh(Rs.25/peice). Made of cottage cheese, cocoa powder/kiwi powder, powdered sugar.
Sandeshat Girish ch. Dey & Nakur Ch. Nandy
Chocolate ‘n’ Kiwi Sandesh
Mishti Doi(Sweet Curd) at Kamdhenu
Is available in two types of colour- white & brown. The brown coloured curd is easily available in every sweet shop in Kolkata.We tried the brown one from an outlet of Kamdhenu in Jadavpur. The taste was not only great but was quite refreshing as well!
Mishti Doi at Kamdhenu
While we have listed out just a few eateries, we are sure they would make an entry into every single list.Explore the City with Joy and Happiness !!
Happy reading…. Till the next blog.