Mango Cheese Chooza

About Mango Cheese Chooza

A perfect feast for a dinner party! Mango Cheese Chooza is a delicious chicken recipe.


Chicken Breast-10 
Clear Chicken Stock- 1L
Clarified Butter- 100 gm 
Onion Paste – 15gm 
Garlic Paste- 15 gm
Yogurt- 100 gm
Mango Puree- 50 gm 
Green Chili Chopped- 10gm 
Coriander Powder- 5 gm 
Fenugreek (Kasturi Methi)- 5 gm
Salt to taste 
Green Cardamom powder-3gm
Kewra Water- 1 to 2 drops 
Almonds – 100 gm

Ingredients for Stuffing 

Cheddar Cheese- 100 gm 
Raisins – 25 gm Cashewnut- 15 gm 
Green chili chopped- 5 
Green Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp
Chopped cilantro – 1 bunch


Clean Chicken breast, remove the skin bone, trim, wash and pat dry. Place the breast pieces one at a time between two clean foils sheets and flatten with a bat ensuring that meat is not and at same time shape is retained.

Stuffing & Marination

Put all ingredients in a bowl, mix well & divide into ten equal portions. Place a portion of the stuffing at a narrow end of each breast and roll tightly to make paupiettes. Marinate with ginger garlic, yoghurt, lemon juice, cheddar cheese, mango puree and fenugreek.


Grease a roasting tray with butter and arrange the breast with the loose ends touching the bottom of the plate. Pour Chicken stock and roast in preheated oven until it turns evenly light golden. Remove pieces and pass stock through a fine mesh soup strainer and reserve for gravy.


Blanch almond in boiling water for three minutes, drain, cool, peel and out in blander with 50 ml water to make smooth paste. Put yogurt and mango puree bowl, green chili coriander, salt and whisk to homogenize.


Heat clarified butter in a pan, add onion paste and saute until it turns soft add ginger garlic paste and stir until onions are translucent and glossy. Remove pan from heat, stir in yoghurt mixture. Return pan to the range until specks of fat begin to appear on the surface. Add almond paste, cook for a minute and add reserve stock and let it reach boiling temperature. Reduce the heat, cover pan & simmer, occasionally stirring until gravy is of a thin sauce consistency. Now add chicken pieces and simmer, occasionally stirring for 3 minutes. Sprinkle cardamom, mix, add kewra, stir and remove and adjust the seasoning. Garnish with almonds and cilantro.

About- Corporate Executive Chef- Sunil Soni

Chef Sunil Soni was born and brought up in New Delhi, and did his initial culinary training at Taj Hotel.

Always keen on travelling and exploring different cuisines he went to Singapore early in his career and learned oriental cuisine. Later on his experience in Kuwait brought him closer to middle-Eastern cuisine. He setup Bukhara restaurant in Kuwait which became a popular place for both locals as well Indians to eat. It was well received in press too. He spent time as an Oriental chef in Kenya in mid-nineties before going to Kuwait.

Chef Soni has always been intrigued by the royal cuisine of Awadh and revived it in USA. He explored the rich history, culture and tradition. While in USA his biryani techniques were featured in a short film produced in collaboration with Boston University,,MA. He was featured in a famous TV show ‘Phantom Gourmet’ in Boston USA. His restaurants were consistently Zagat rated for set up years and featured in as ‘Best of Boston’ frequently.

He returned to India and joined Clark group of hotels as their Corporate ExecutiveChef. He is the Vice president of Fenn Trust and has been a judge in the highly acclaimed media show “Go cheese – Indian Chef Awards at the national level.

Chef Soni has written in numerous magazines and newspapers both in India the including India, Kuwait, Kenya, Seychelles and USA. He is a prolific writer and comes up with relevant articles, ahead of times about food. Lately, after being in the industry (both India and overseas) for more than 30 years, he has been parting his expertise as a consultant to various culinary institutions and has been an advisor to Abdul-Aziz Fama, His Excellency, Prince of Saudi Arabia. He has shown interest in Vedic cooking which is a hot topic in the culinary world. He will soon be starting a chain of restaurants in MiddleEast in collaboration.

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[…] Click here to know more about Corporate Executive Chef Sunil Soni. […]


[…] Click here to know more about Corporate Executive Chef Sunil Soni. […]