Missi Masala Roti is gram flour (besan) flat bread which is a Punjabi speciality and mostly made during winters in tandoor / tawa.

Recipe Contributor – Corporate Executive Chef Sunil Soni , Total Cooking Time – 3 to 5 Minutes

Missi Masala Roti – Ingredients

  1. Besan – – 500gms
  2. Salt- to taste
  3. Shahi Jeera- 05gms
  4. Chopped Onions -60gms
  5. Crushed Green Chillies-20gms
  6. Chopped Dhania-10gms
  7. Anar Dana Crushed -05gms
  8. Oil- 60 ml
  9. Water- little

How to make Missi Masala Roti?

  1. Mix all the above ingredients in besan oil and water.
  2. Now add oil slowly mixing it evenly in besan. Rub it gently to mix oil in besan evenly and thoroughly.
  3. Next, add little water to make a semi hard dough.
  4. Divide it into small balls, flatten them and cook it in oven/ tandoor/ iron griddle.
  5. Lastly, brush with butter.

Accompaniments- Serve with curd and dal
Utensils- Tawa

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