Ramee Guestline Hotel is turning to be the latest party point in the suburban region(Juhu Mumbai). We already have one of the most popular party area, i.e. R-ADDA (A Rooftop Hideout Bar).
They have recently added a casual dining restaurant by the name of Tanatan which derives from the sound of a bell when anybody rings.

In the midst of heavy bass and loud music Tanatan is a breath of fresh air. A perfect place for music lovers specifically to those who love Live Music; which merely touches everyone’s soul and take you to the other world. The ambience is classy and comfortable. Right from the interior which decorated with bells. The quotations on the wall are pretty impressive.

Coming to the food:-
When somebody has a plan to visit these type of casual dining eatery, naturally one will expect scrumptious food, and that’s what I experienced during my visit. This is a perfect aura where one can have some amazingly prepared and with a wonderfully presented food, along with favourite liquor and listening to some soothing music.

The following are the things I had Tried ‘n’ Tasted

Banana Popcorn Shake

Prepared with fresh banana, popcorn syrup, vanilla ice cream, caramelised sugar and charred cinnamon.A must try one!!!!!

Anar ka Pyaar
Made with pomegranate seeds, orange syrup & clove mixed with a sprinkle of cranberry. Presented in a fancy glass.

Thanda Teekha

Ingredients – Agave Syrup, fresh pepper, green chilli, salt and a splash of soda.


Paan Ki Shaan

Paan Ki Shaan presented in a Desi glass and has vodka. The ingredients are paan syrup, fresh pineapple juice mixed with dried spices.


Khow Suey Samosa

Khow suey samosa is a fusion of khow suey and samosa. This comes in shot glasses with Khow suey seasoning at bottom topped with samosa

Palak Dahi Ke Kebab

This item made up of roasted spinach kebabs with an aromatic hung curd filling. The presentation is on point. The kebab comes in a very Desi khatiya with mint dip.

Daal Pakwaan Batasha With Vodka Pani Puri

Pani Puri on wheels. It’s a unique way of presenting Pani Puri. I being a Pani Puri lover, it is a beautiful way to impress Pani Puri lovers; indeed, this dish dazzled my eyes and satisfied my stomach.

Murg Bharwaan Lahori
Smoked chicken keema stuffed with chicken breast grilled. Presented in a little griller which makes it look appealing.

Chaakori Murg Kebab
This kebab perfectly melts in the mouth and satisfies your taste buds.
The presentation and plating are so authentic and gives an exotic dhabba feel.


Dilli Ki Galiyon Se

Another authentic dish which will give a dhabba feel. This recipe comes with butter chicken, dal bukhara, and lacchha paratha. Recommended by the manager of Tanatan.


Raspberry Sherbet Faluda

It gives a fancy look, and the taste is even better. A must try one!

Chocolate hazelnut fondant with vanilla ice cream

When you break the chocolate fondant, and the hazelnut falls out. It gives you such a pleasant visual.I had a very tiny bit of it.

I Would surely recommend this place to everyone who wants to enjoy the meal in opulent interiors with perfect service and some excellent music playing in the background while enjoying the food along with friends and family.

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