Delhi is a hub of restaurants and eateries that serve authentic dishes from across the country. We list some of the best North Eastern restaurants for you.

North Eastern Restaurants In Delhi

Bamboo Shoot Kitchen

Located in Lajpat Nagar, Bamboo Shoot Kitchen is one of the best Assamese restaurant in Delhi. If you like Assamese cuisine and want to enjoy the authentic flavors of assameses, then you should visit this place at all costs. The cooks here are only from the northeast and use the herbs from their hometown, making the food more authentic and tastier. They offer many and many varieties to choose from. It is worth to try pork with axon, smoked pork with anishi, Asam pork curry and Asian fish curry. Try Bamboo Shoot as it is full of spices and herbs.


Hornbill is located in Safdarjung and is an ideal place to satisfy those strange hunger pains. This place offers many options to choose from. If you are an addicted spice, try their special chutney, which has an authentic flavor. It is a bit high in the spice ratio, so be careful. They offer a good amount of food that also at very affordable prices. You should not miss the pork with seasonal leaves, the fried stomach and its traditional thalis. What distinguishes this restaurant from rest is that they use wooden plates that give a more pleasant feeling.


This restaurant needs special mention on this list. What sets Nimtho apart from other restaurants is that it serves Nepalese and pure Himalayan cuisine. It is a paradise for lovers of spices because it offers a wide range of spicy dishes. If you are here, you should not forget to try their Sikkimesepork thali, chicken tiago momos, thentuk and thukpa.

Bamboo Hut

This place is quite famous for its Naga food. Bamboo Hut is located in GTB Nagar and is inhabited mainly by a multitude of universities. This is extremely popular among the students of the University of Delhi and Vijay Nagar because most of the students in Vijay Nagar and GTB Nagar come from the northeast. Although this place has a small space crisis, here you will find authentic Naga food. Its specialty is thali chicken with bamboo shoots.


Located in Majnu ka Tila, this hidden gem offers authentic Northeastern food. Rigo serves Khow Suey, which is not found in many restaurants nearby. Although the restaurant is not so large, it is great to meet friends. Here it is worth trying keema dried meat, pork sauce and moms from Khothay.

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