Kolkata has been known to start out the culture of eating out among Indians. thereupon to its credit and being a glittering and vibrant city, Kolkata offers various choices then they will invite. However, the town is best known for local Bengali cuisine that one must enjoy, while here. Most of the Bengali cuisine food revolves around rice and fish, and you’ll find many version and delicacies of those. Try the Macher Jhol and therefore the Phuchka, your very own ‘golgappa’ or ‘panipuri’.
Also, the Bengali sweets, popular all across are some things you only cannot miss. Find them here in there most authentic and delicious form. Do try Rashogulla, Chamcham, Rasmalai, Sandesh, Cream Chup and other Bengali sweets.
Apart from Bengali cuisine, one also can enjoy fine English cuisine, continental, North Indian cuisine, South Indian cuisine, Mexican and Italian cuisine at various restaurants spread across the town. you’ll also find an instance of Tibetan food, with Momos and Thuppa being quite popular and widespread within the city.
Kolkata is additionally the place where Indian-Chinese cuisine started. Indian Chinese cuisine is essentially Indian style preparation of Chinese dishes, typically having tons of spices and imparted with a very strong flavour. Hence, you’ll enjoy this blend in its very own hometown.

6 Ballygunge Place 

6 Ballygunge Place lives up to Oh! Kolkata is one of the best places in Kolkata to try authentic Bengali cuisine. 6 Located in a 100-year-old bungalow decorated with paintings of ancient Calcutta, Ballygunge Place offers an ideal location for multi-course Bengali food. The highlight of the menu is kasha mangsho, a traditional Bengali spicy lamb curry, as well as daab chingri, which are cooked in mustard (popular with Bengali) and cooked inside a hollow coconut.


King Kathi Roll, Nizam claims to be the inventor of the famous Kathi Roll, which has become one of the dishes you can try in Calcutta. The real soothing meal is Nizam’s kathi roll fried paratha full of fried egg, spicy meat, onion and chili peppers, which all curl and serve as a burrito. Such is the glory of Nizam’s kathi roll, which renowned cook-traveler Rick Stein called kathi roll “the perfect street food.”

Arsalan Restaurant 

The Arsalan restaurant is located in Kolkata’s unofficial restaurant and offers authentic Mughlai cuisine. This type of cuisine comes from Persian foods influenced in the imperial kitchens of the Mughal Empire. The Kolkatans come to Arsalan, or order Arsalane for large meetings, for their biryani. For many locals, Arsalan is considered to serve the best Biryanis in Calcutta with variations such as Biryani Lamb, Hyderabadi Biryani, Biryani Chicken and more. Other favorites include the Arsalan chicken chaanp and its many kabab options.

Kewpie’s Kitchen

In an environment similar to that of a traditional Bengali house, Kewpie’s Kitchen is a real family affair, led by Chef Rakhi Purnima Dasgupta. They try to prepare authentic Bengali food in an eclectic and relaxed atmosphere. Kewpie’s Kitchen uses recipes transmitted by cooking mother Rakhi Meenakshi Dasgupta and serves traditional Bengali cuisine including Thai cuisine with a mix of small dishes served in terracotta pots. Although the service may be uneven, Kewpie’s Kitchen is still a great restaurant where you can experience authentic Bengali food and culture.


Flurys is a legendary tea house in Calcutta located on Park Street, founded in 1927 under British Paradise. Directed by chef Vikar Kumas, Flurys continues to radiate the charm of the Old World with a rich variety of luxurious cakes, indulgent cakes, rich puddings and Flurys special pride, some of the best chocolates of an origin outside Europe. Just as elegant and elegant today 90 years after its foundation, Flurys is an ideal place to conquer traditional English cream tea or to take a refreshing break from the summer heat with coffee ice cream and ice cream. Flurys is also the place to go to Kolkata for a weekend brunch, where a popular English breakfast is served throughout the day.

Street Food Places In Kolkata

Vivekanda Park – Puchkas 

If there is a place in Calcutta where every phuchkawallah will make a phuchka to die, that is precisely this. Other street foods in Kolkata include papri chat, aloo phuchkas and dahi phuchkas. On a good day, you might be able to see a Tollywood celebrity or two in a row for these bites from heaven. Maharaja Chaat Center, Southern Avenue is your place to visit. Churmur, the cousin of the Phuchek family, is another delicacy that is hard to resist. In combination with spicy masalami, tetul gola (tamarind pulp), mashed potatoes and broken papris, churmur is simply heavenly. Bhawanipore is another indispensable place for good, no, big phuchky and street food.

Farlie Place,Stock Exchange & B.B.D Bagh- Luchi & Alur Dum

Fairlie Place is the central business district of Kolkata and you can see formally dressed people walking down the street, either by phone or with a newspaper in hand. The street is full of stalls that sell from cabins to full meals. But the best known dish is Luchi – Alu Dom. Luchi is similar to puris, while Alu Dom is the Bengali version of Aloo’s House and Fairlie Place is the best.

Anadi Cabin- Mughali Parantha 

Rotis stuffed with a generous amount of Kheema chicken meat or broken cutlets, onions and eggs is an Anadi Cabin – Mughlai Parathas specialty. Although you can find the same versions elsewhere in Kolkata, Anadi Cabin serves some of the best and cheapest Moghlai Paranthas. These paranthas add a completely different flavor to the ultra-Scottish cuisine in Kolkata Street!

Tiretti Bazaar- Chinese Breakfast 

Once it housed 20,000 Chinese, their numbers have declined dramatically, but have not yet lost their food culture. The authentic Chinese with all the traditionally cooked food attract people from all over the world, especially during the Chinese New Year, when the place is decorated with Chinese hangers and small kites in shops and homes. The Chinese breakfast consisting of rice and soup dumplings is the most sought after preparation in China, while an Indian version of Chinese can be found. But you must be an early riser. Visit the site no later than 5.30 AM, stocks last until 6.30 or 7:00 AM. You know how bids can only be kept in stock, right?

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