Ramgarh’s loaded orchards, densely forested hill-sides and babbling brooks mean that the luxurious enclave is a favourite with prosperous Delhites who head for their fashionable cottages in the area to escape the heat of the summers.

After all, the capital is just eight hours away. Moreover, never mind if you can’t boast of your little bungalow among the apple trees: there’s plenty to do in and around Ramgarh for a traveller who wants to cool off in the hills from the scorching heat.

Things to see & do

Ramgarh itself is a bunch of villas spread sparsely across fruit- and forest-laden hill slopes, with a Malla Ramgarh (on top) and a Talla Ramgarh at the bottom. A long road turns from top to bottom. The best way to discover Ramgarh is to drive a short distance and then walk around through the sleepy hamlets.

How To Reach Ramgarh?

By Rail
Kathgodam, which is at a distance of approximately 45 km from Ramgarh, is the nearest railway station. Ramgarh connected to all major towns like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kanpur, Dehradun and Jammu. Prepaid cabs are easily available outside the station.
By Road
Being a remote destination in India, Ramgarh is well connected by the road with major cities. Many visitors come here every year on vacation/weekends. Bus & hired vehicle service are available from major cities to Ramgarh.

Where to stay in Ramgarh?

The Neemrana Bungalows
Neemrana Bungalows six cottages in Ramgarh offer breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset, or both! The 19th-century colonial Cottages are located in the Kumaon belt, approximately 40 km from other hotels in Nainital.

Entry of Ramgarh Bungalows

Orchards to these bungalows hang with apricots, plums, peaches, pears and apples through the summer which makes the Ramgarh Organic Neemrana jams are made here – without preservatives – so that they preserve your health too. Neemrana Bungalows offer their guests the opportunity to return with a new look on life!
Must stay in – Magnolia room, which situated in the rose cottage. This suite, terraced at two levels, has one double and three single beds and the above area can be curtained off for privacy. The private verandahs have a spectacular view of the valley with a river below and high mountains above. One can also enjoy morning and evening tea on the terrace situated directly above Magnolia.

Ramgarh Bungalows
Private Verandah – Magnolia Room

Tariff- Rs 8732 including GST

Apart from Neemrana Bungalows in Ramgarh, there are some more places to stay-
Cedar Lodge
Seclude Ramgarh
Aamari Resort