Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu is located in Parsi Anjuman on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg in Delhi. Bhonu is a Parsi term which means food and hence the restaurant specialised in Parsi Cuisine. Earlier they were settled in Adchini, but at the beginning of this year, they shifted to this location.
Well, this new spot is very spacious and accurately gives a Parsi home feeling with delicious homecooked Parsi food.
The restaurant can comfortably accommodate 35-40 customers. Also, the eatery designed in an antique style to give it old Parsi home feeling said, Mr Harish, the Restaurant Manager of Rustom.

Now coming to Parsi Food

Parsi food has evolved over a thousand years, since the first boatful of Irani refugees landed in coastal Gujarat, through a dynamic route of assimilation and adaptation, buffered by an almost obsessive love for food.

Parsi cuisine draws influence from Goan, Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisine. As Parsi’s landed in India via Gujarat, so a lot of Parsi food has the sweet and sour ingredients of Gujarati food. Their masalas are similar to Indian masalas, but the mixture of spices is what makes it different.
So our assumption is the menu consists of all traditional recipes, Probably the Grandmother of Kainaz Contractor(Co-founder of Rustom’s Bhonu) taught the methods/ recipes to Kainaz’s mother, and mother taught her daughter Kainaz.

We started our Parsi gastronomic journey with their iconic homemade Raspberry Soda(Rs.150).
The drink is a mixture of Raspberry with lemon juice, mint and ice, topped with soda. Usually, this iconic drink is served in Parsi functions to guests before anything else to bring that sweetness into life.
Along with the iconic drink they served us rice crackers with spring onion chutney.

Next, we were served the Paatra Ni Macchi (Rs.495). This dish uses Pomfret fish encased in a sweet, sour and spicy mint coriander dip and steamed in banana leaves. The taste was utterly divine and had a pleasant and distinctive smell.

Post this; the restaurant manager advised us instead of going with full plates of every meal from the main course section, we will serve you half portion of every dish so that you can enjoy and taste two-three dishes extra & that sounded tasty to us.

To begin with the main course, we started with Prawn Berry Pulao (Rs.595). The prawns prepared with Parsi masalas and aromatic basmati rice, topped with Zeresk berries and prawn kebab.

Followed by this we were served Mutton Dhansak (Rs.495). This gastronomical journey would have been incomplete without tasting Dhan Sak. The dish was prepared with spiced masala dal cooked with Mutton and served with caramelised rice and kheema kebabs.

Rustom's Parsi Bhonu
Left & Center-Mutton Dhansak with Caramalised rice kheema kebabs and right side is the Prawn Berry Pulao

After finishing the main course meals, we were confused which dessert to select – Lagan Nu Custard (Rs.250) or the Caramel Custard (Rs.250).
As we’ve heard from our followers on Instagram both the desserts are quite tasty, yummy and moreover feel like heaven. So we opted for the Lagan Nu Custard. It was a baked egg custard with nuts and raisins.

Thus we ended our tasty Parsi cuisine journey on a happy note. To all foodies in Delhi, if you are in search of delicious homecooked food, this is a place to visit.

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