In recent years Delhi has seen a rise in restaurants serving traditional South Indian cuisines. One of them is Sanadige; this is a Tulu term which means Auspicious Brass Lamps. Tulu is a Dravidian language spoken mainly in the southern-west part of the Indian state of Karnataka.

Located in the commercial centre of Chanakyapuri, this is a fine dining restaurant opened two years back. The eatery is consists of three floors Ground Floor is a reception area, first floor and a bar on the second floor. During our visit to Sanadige, the first floor was closed for customers, so they guided us to the bar area and greeted us with a warm gesture.

This eatery serves cuisines from the West Coast of India. The West Coast of India includes these states- Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala.
Their menu loaded with soups, beverages, starters and main course from every region and desserts.
Sanadige enjoy serving fresh seafood travelled in from Mangalore daily. The exciting part is all their spices and cocktail syrups are all homemade.

However, we started this gastronomic journey with a basket of complimentary rice cracker which was served with six different variants of dip – Mango & Pineapple, Tamarind, Tomato, Pickle, Coconut and Mint. Along with this, we have served Punar Puli (Rs.225) a Kokum based drink from Mangalore. This is a healthy drink which works as an excellent antioxidant, improves digestion, etc.

We were then served the Seafood Platter (Rs. 2500) with neer dosa. The seafood platter had Clamps, Squids, Prawns Rubber Fry and Mangalorean Anjal masala fry.
The clamps were prepared with coconut masala fry and had a tangy taste; squids were prepared with chilli peppers, and this was spic.

The prawn rubber fry was coated with semolina & was crispy from the outside but very juicy from inside and last; we tried the Mangalorean Anjal masala fry – The masala was smooth, creamy and flavorful without being too spicy or dry, and the dish was lightly cooked not fried. It’s more of a steaming effect which retains the moisture inside the fish which gets coated with this amazing masala. The whole seafood platter goes well with super soft Neer Dosa which was made up of rice batter.

After the seafood platter; we were served Mangalorean Mutton Curry (Rs.500) along with two appams. The mutton curry cooked with coconut milk in traditional Mangalorean homestyle. One should taste this flavourful mutton curry. The curry goes well with Rice, Malabar Parantha and Appam. We opted for Appam which was prepared with fermented rice batter.

Post this; we were served Elaneer Payasam (Rs.395) the last dish of this gastronomic journey at Sanadige. This dessert prepared with sweet tender coconut cream & condensed milk. A sip of it will make you refreshing.

We recommend this eatery to those who want to explore cuisines from the West Coast of India. Except for the thalis and platters, rest dishes are value for money.

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