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Shinura Nature Retreat

Shinura Nature retreat

Shinura Nature Retreat is an ideal escape destination, located in the pristine hills of Dehradun. This impressive dwelling in the lap of nature is known for its relaxing environment that helps everyone get rid of stress.

The Retreat is crowned on the outskirts of Dehradun and is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Jamniwala. Enjoy the panoramic view from here, feel the cool breeze and get ready to create amazing memories while you relax in this beautiful stay experience.

Immerse yourself in a range of exciting activities available at the resort: stroll through the nearby hills, enjoy the presence of a few beautiful birds, gather your senses for an incredible rafting experience and cross the river with family and friends. Paragliding in Shinura Nature Retreat, Dehradun is a step ahead, if you have completed exploring all the adventures available on land and water, get ready to explore the blue sky.

Meet the child’s desire to fly like birds. Indulge in an exciting Air Safari that will take you on an aerial tour of the hills surrounding Dehradun. Enjoy impressive aerial views of green pastures and lush country houses while gliding through the air. Enjoy this amazing adventure stay in Shinura Nature Retreat, Dehradun.

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