Pateele Ke Kebab

Ingredients- Pateele Ke Kebab  Minced meat 1 kg, fat-free lean leg (gol boti), finely minced Onions 6 medium, finely chopped’ Dahi (yoghurt) 3 tbsp beaten Pudina (mint) leaves ½ cup, finely chopped Hari mirch (green chilli) 9–12 chopped Kaccha papita (raw papaya) paste 3 tbsp Dhania (coriander) powder 2 tbsp Hara dhania (coriander) 16 leaves, finely chopped Khus-khus (poppy seeds) […]

Multi Fillings Egg Muffins

This recipe uses different fillings for the egg muffins so you enjoy a variety of them or if you enjoy one of them you can use the same filling for all of them. Feel free to switch them up as you like. These make for a great snack and be carried on the go as well Ingredients- Multi Fillings Egg […]