The Waffle Fest 2017

Hey Readers! You have heard about Momo Fest, Beer Fest, Maggi Fest but have you heard about a Fest dedicated to only Waffles??????? No??? Well, we have visited The Waffle Fest couple of weeks back, which was at Select City Walk, Saket. The event was mainly youth-oriented who loves to eat various types of waffles. Also to those who have not […]

Chili’s Cafe-A Slice of America in Saket

Chili’s cafe in Saket’s DLF mall is a rare example of an American diner/grill chain doing a brisk business in the face of the rough and indiscerning palate of the capital’s yuppies always on the lookout for a meal suited to their conservative tastes. Despite the longstanding presence of TGIF, we haven’t had many Yankee cosy dining places doing well staying […]