A unique heraldic plan for huge mountains, Tawang Valley, which is a special way to choose between different options. The valley is a magnificent mosaic of mountain ranges, extensive fields and groups of Buddhist monasteries and villages of Monpa. The surroundings are more beautiful than the city itself, and the murals of auspicious Buddhist emblems and colourful prayer wheels add interest to the merred old market. To get on a bicycle, take a tour of the valley where you can look for a continuous tour.

Tawang Gompa in Tawang Valley

The greatest attraction of Tawang is the magical Tawang Gompa, founded in 1681. It is said that the second largest Buddhist-monastic complex in the world after Drepung Monastery (in Lhasa, Tibet) is Tawang known in Buddhist circles for its invaluable library. In its fortified walls, narrow streets lead to a beautifully decorated oratory, which contains an 8-meter-high Buddha statue. Spectacular masked chaos dances take place in the courtyard during the Torgya, Losar and Buddha Mahotsava festivals.

Urgelling Gompa

The former Urgelling Gompa is where the 6th Dalai Lama was born. Before going to Lhasa, he is said to have stuck his stick in the ground and eventually became a huge oak that lines the entrance to the monastery. Inside the main hall are hand-painted portraits of all the Dalai Lama and traces of the forehead and feet of the 6th Dalai Lama.

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