Fruit Salad Platter is the ideal option one can have for breakfast. The season fresh fruits make it even more toothsome along with different type of dressings. Preparing the fruit platter is very simple and quick and most important it is a perfect companion to the freshlicious fruit course.

Healthy food is an essential part of healthy living, and one cannot make an excuse to remain unhealthy or overeat of junk foods. At least believe us don’t do this to your health always.Having healthy food will be an incredible way to scrap junk food from a daily routine.

In India, salads are a way of life, and most of the meals include a fresh vegetable salad or a raita(a very light yoghurt you can say). Except for papaya, I love all fresh fruits.There is no other cool way than having fresh fruits to satisfy hunger pangs and while preparing one can feel good.
Look at the picture isn’t it interesting ??

Fruit Salad Platter

Photo Credits- Magic & Delight
Well to me it is a tempting one, but this one could be present in a fancy way too as well as few more fruit addition needed.

The ingredients we used for this fruit salad platter: Kiwi, Strawberry, Pineapple and Orange. It took me 2-5  mins to slice the pineapple and kiwi and after that presentation took another 3-4 mins extra.