We feel excited when we hear the word buffet. While we love picking food from the menu and eating what we like, the whole idea of getting unlimited access to food always inspires us. We all like the idea of unrestricted access to our preferred foods, mainly when it contains tandoori preparations. When Barbeque Nation became anger for the first time, we all went to the place. It had the advantage as a first mover, and while the quality worsened over time, many didn’t notice because it was an alternative? We’re not people; we found one. It’s not just an alternative, The GT Road in Connaught Place is more reliable than Barbeque Nation and here’s all you need to know about this jewel!

what is the restaurant is all about?

Yes, if you thought the name reminded you of your last trip, you can. The GT Road is a 2600 km long gastronomic journey from Kabul to Chittagong. Named after the Grand Trunk Road, which is Asia’s most significant road and has rich geography that has observed history like no other. This road has immersed in traditions, culture, beliefs and rituals, which exactly what you will witness in this eatery, reflecting the aesthetics of its name tag. Their mission is to bring back the lost era recipes, authentic organic spices and meats that can be transported once in a while using traditional cooking methods. Their secret in cooking keeps the genuine taste and taste of traditional Indian products, and you won’t be disappointed because no two things taste the same. They call this path a visit back to the roots!

What’s in Buffet?

G.T. Road has a fascinating food for everyone. The vast range of meals will have you in wonder. Unlike all other buffet restaurants, everything from the main course to sweets is actually of excellent quality. Even if you take a bite of all the dishes, you will be able to identify the zest and the rich history of the cuisines. The G.T Road puts effort into making your experience a classic get away from all the average food that you usually get in restaurants.

Their Lasooni Maurg Tikka, Gulfam Di Chapli and Amristari Jheenga are famous delicacies served with special dips. The best part about their starters is their Chicken Burra Kebab, which comes in as a multi-layered blast of flavours. The smooth cover breaks into the juicy chicken, which will have you hooked till the very last one. Their live chaat offers Delhi’s popular chaat options like Palak Patta chaat, Paapdi Bhalla, Raj Kachori, Laccha Tokri etc. Let’s say there’s no shortage of options. They have a rotational menu, and every twice a month, a new dish will present itself in the list for your benefit. All their gravy dishes are a unique preparation. They serve two different types of aromatic non-vegetarian biryanis and an array of chicken gravies. While there is barely any space left after luxuriating in their savoury treats, The G.T. Road boasts of an impressive range of desserts which one would not want to miss. It celebrates your palate, and it marks the culinary heritage of our country.

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  1. Good description about the place and the food it offers, really looking forward to try it..!!
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  2. Nice review Anshuman. Have been there. Lovely decor and nice food. Look forward to more blogs.

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