Pebble Street located in a posh locality of New Friends Colony, Usually, this place is thronged by teens and has become to be known as the Best Resto Bar in South Delhi.

This restaurant draws everyone for its location as well as reputation. The entrance gives the spot a very stylish look, much like a sports bar, but once inside, one will get the hang of how the place is a favourite of all. Its name defines the concept of the restaurant, and the idea seems unique and exciting, with porch lights hanging in the centre, dim lights making the place look like an old Irish style pub, coupled with comfortable seating, divided into three different parts and an excellent collection of music.


Pebble Street has been serving clients at 3 locations New Friends Colony – since October 1998 (this one we visited), Connaught Place, New Delhi – since October 2014 and Kailash Colony, New Delhi since May 2018.

Coming To Food

We ordered Lamb Lasagna (homemade layered sheet pasta with tomato sauce & herbs) and the Chicken BBQ Thin Crust Pizza( barbeque chicken, mozzarella. oregano and olive oil).

Chef Pradeep also served us special papad (a thin round shaped dried flatbread bread) garnished with chilli flakes and veggies, which can act as a yummy quick bite.


Lamb Lasagna.
We could already imagine what our delicious lasagne would look like when we ordered it, but to tell you it tasted even better. Topped with cheese, straight from the oven, the texture was sublime. The layers of pasta, meat and cheese were in perfect synchronisation. We could distinguish all kinds of flavours and mild spices, although the dish was a bit overpowered by the tangy sauce. The quantity was on the lower side according to the price but the taste compensated to catch our attention.

Lamb Lasagna

Chicken BBQ Thin Crust Pizza

The crust was crisp, flavorful, and chewy. The toppings worked together superbly, and the mozzarella cheese had a great texture and with very little olive oil. By the end of the meal, we were planning our next visit.

Chicken BBQ Thin Crust Pizza

The presentation of not just food, but the atmosphere is marvellous. This eatery is perfect for groups or a casual date night.


Address– 8, Community Center, New Friends Colony, New Delhi

Cost for two– Rs 1200