Tum Tum Asia a Dubai based eatery serves authentic Pan Asian Street foods in a modernised way. Now, they have recently launched their first outlet in India which located at Eros Corporate Tower,  Nehru Place, Delhi. Dubai outlet only serves vegetarian dishes, but here, they have non-veg dishes too.

This is a gastronomical journey through the streets of India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan in a comfortable, authentic atmosphere where affordable Asian Cuisine and drinks combine to offer a truly unique experience.

The restaurant has bizarre paintings, can accommodate 30-40 customers at one point of time also the chairs are very comfortable. We noticed an interesting thing which we’ve not seen so far in Delhi restaurants and, i.e. a small drawer attached to every table. The drawer had extra spoons, forks, chopsticks and wet tissue to wipe your hands.

We decided to settle with a menu that the servers and Chef Abhinav had decided would be best for us to have a comprehensive and wholesome experience of what the restaurant has to offer, with a specific eye on Pan Asian street food cuisine. And boy were we glad.
We first started with complimentary rice crackers which were served with Spring Onion, Soya Ginger and Black Bean Gem Sauce. We were kind of unhappy with the complimentary dish because this is the fourth restaurant in one month were we served this.

Tum Tum Asia

Anyway, the next dishes on the table were GOGO POGO from the Greens section and The Naked Cactus from Reds Section.
GOGO POGO. These are two variants of dim-sums.

GOGO POGO (Rs.375)- These were soft & steamed dim sum filled with exotic veggies and chestnuts. Usually, a dim sum colour is white, but these were green because they used a mixture of green beans sauce and flour.

The Naked Cactus (Rs.395) – These dim- sums are made up of rice, coated with sam rod sauce & the chicken were juicy.
Both the dim-sum were served with Red Chilli & Garlic Dip.

After having these two mouthwatering dim-sums, they served us two variants of beverages from the liquid street section and these were:-
1. Mangolian Mantra (Rs.180)- It’s a mixture of lemongrass, ginger & orange fizzer with lime sorbet. Served in a very stylish glass and the drink had a strong fragrance of lemongrass.

2. Watermelon On The Rocks (Rs.190)- This is a signature drink from Tum Tum Asia’s liquid street section. Well, this drink had a mixture of virgin watermelon mojito, cumin powder & rock salt over ice.

Along with the beverages, we were served two types of starters from the Reds section – Dynamite Shrimplets & Korean Crispy Chicken.

Dynamite Shrimplets (Rs.475)- This dish had crunchy rice crackers topped with tempura shrimps & chiffonade iceberg lettuce. Though the manager told us the shrimps were marinated with mayonnaise, but to us, it tasted like mustard. Recommend this dish to the foodies.

Korean Crispy Chicken (Rs.425)-These were Crispy Chicken tenders topped with pickled ginger & gherkin served with shallot. Taste simple and not value for money.

After one delicious starter, we were served the last course of the meal, i.e. Malaysian Kari Ayam (Rs.475). This is too a signature dish. And Boy! We were glad by the aroma of this dish. The reason behind it attracted us because this dish was made up of coconut milk. Love the smell of coconut milk! Malaysian Kari Ayam is authentic chicken curry served with a strange Jala roti inspired from Madras street in Kuala Lumpur.

We recommend Tum Tum Asia to everyone if you are want to explore something different because the menu has some more interesting items. Although the prices are a bit overpriced, but one visit is a must!!!! About the Tum Tum Asia Delhi staff, they were polite to us, had good product knowledge. 

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