Delhi is no stranger to Asian cuisine. For a long time, an authentic Chinese restaurant dominated the countless meals of Delhi. In the recent past, several Burmese, Korean and Japanese restaurants have found their faithful watch. Viet: Nom, one of Gurgaon’s newest CyberHub participants, brings authentic Vietnamese cuisine to Delhi-NCR. The elegant interiors, the glassworks and the walls dressed in turquoise and brown-green also make a remarkable statement! Viet: With its wide offer, Nom tries to offer something new. The food in Vietnamese: Nom is alive, eclectic and full of tastes that will accompany you. His extensive tours of Vietnam are derived from the menu curated by chef Vaibhava and experienced culinary critics Rupali Dean.

We’ll start testing your fresh vegetable rolls. They are packed with fresh summer vegetables and herbs and are made of rice paper. Served with a rich peanut sauce, these rolls are a refreshing surprise. Next, we turn to their meatballs. Viet: Nom has a fairly varied range of meatballs suitable for all palates. If you like your hot and spicy meatballs, you should try their chicken and chilli meatballs filled with a delicious chicken filling, served on a bed of hot chilli oil. If you like mushrooms, you should choose their 7 treasure mushrooms gyoza. The highlight of these fried meatballs is perched on their molten stuffed mouth with mushrooms and lots of local spices. Viet: Nom serves between three and four kinds of escorts with meatballs. So match up until you find your ideal match!

About the Vietnamese Cusine at Viet:Nom

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Their shrimp and donut meatballs come alive with a rich seafood of Vietnamese cuisine. The soft and delicate shrimp filling has an exuberant, delicate and salty aftertaste. Oh, and they can even take your Instagram game to a higher level with its pleasant purple hue.
Another dish to please your soul is your pizza Viet: Nom. It’s one of his characteristic dishes, and the bite of this fine pizza tells you why it’s not like anything you had before. Fine baked white rice biscuits decorated with egg, spicy chicken or pork sausage, chives, basil and edible flowers, pizza Viet: Nom is as stellar as it looks!

If you are a meat fan, you can also try the hot fish. It is on the list of typical Viet: Nom dishes, perhaps due to a theater linked to a delicacy. A relaxing curry is produced on a hot stove in front of its customers. You can also customize the vegetables and herbs you want to add to your curry. Combine hot curry with sticky white rice and treat yourself!

If you’re feeling experimental, you should try their La lot, which is basically an irregular mixture of ground chicken and chestnut water wrapped in betel leaves and served with peanut sauce. It is better to keep cutlery away from food and treat yourself with bare hands. Betel leaves, which have now become such an integral part of the Indian food landscape, have in fact traveled to India from Southeast Asia. Slightly bitter leaves give this balanced bowl a delicious flavor.

Dessert @Viet:Nom

Desserts in Viet: Nom are highly seasonal goodies. We tested their pearl jewelry with mango. The pearls of the saga are soaked in coconut water, basil seeds, coconut cream and condensed milk, which gives the mixture of milk custard a rich texture. We loved your pannacotta expresso. This creamy and thick coffee-flavored dessert is a must for coffee lovers.

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