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Yeti: The Himalayan Kitchen In Connaught Place

Yeti means a mysterious creature of Himalayan folklore. The word has had bloody interpretations for a long time, but this small modern restaurant in Delhi is ready to change the meaning and interpretation of the word forever while remaining true to its origin, which is the Himalayas. ‘Himalayan cuisine’, the name brings confusion to our minds: does it mean Nepalese cuisine, Tibetan cuisine or Bhutanese cuisine? Well, the answer is, all of the above. This restaurant, located on the second floor of The Colonnade in Connaught Place , offers you the best of Himalayan cuisine.

About The Food Menu at Yeti

The offer in Yeti is mainly divided into three main parts: Nepalese cuisine, Tibetan cuisine and Bhutanese cuisine. Tibetan food consists mainly of noodles, goats, yak, cheeses (made with goat’s milk or goat’s milk) and frozen quantities. Of the three sections offered, the Tibetan section is cautious. It has some really tasty soups, weak sums and noodle options that can embarrass many things we call dim dims and noodles. Shabalay: a fried pie stuffed with meat was a star dish of the Tibetan menu. You can choose between chicken and lamb, pork and buff for filling. The next dish that won our hearts was Thentuk, a handmade noodle soup in eastern Tibet. It is believed that this noodle soup was made specifically to keep nomads warm during long and cold Tibetan winters.

Nepalese cuisine is also true to its shape and taste with thukpami and sel roti in a traditional thali. Yeti-Special “Kothe” Styled Momo does not need an introduction – a star restaurant. On the one hand, stewed and spiced on the other, mums are filled with the juiciest and juicy chicken and sprinkled with fine spices. For more options, you can try Newari Momo Cha, a traditional biting mom that is served in salsa.

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